Need some space? My favorite galactic accessories.

For best results, listen to the Interstellar soundtrack while browsing this post. Few finds excite me like a moon-related find. I love surrounding myself with moon and space accessories as a reminder to zoom out and approach problems with a cosmic perspective. One of my favorite quotes was written and illustrated by the lovely Fred Gingras. He said (and I translated into English):

"Never forget that you're flying through space on your cosmic rock."

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with these moon and space accessories for your home and person.

This moon rug.

This rug is one of my favorite things in my home. I've had it in my foyer, bathroom, and office and it has looked great in every spot. I wish it weren't weird to have 10 of these in my home. Get it here.

And here's a cat for scale.

This astronaut vase.

This vase is the perfect home for tall air plants, ironically. Get it here.

This moon phase clock.

I always know (and annoyingly inform those around me of) the current moon phase thanks to this clock. Keep track of the moon's movements with this indoor/outdoor waterproof moon clock. Get it here. P.S. This candle from the Ten Nail Bar smells amazing.

This rocket cocktail shaker.

I've been trying to avoid saying this, but I'm only human: Make out-of-this-world cocktails in this rocket-shaped shaker (including my fave cocktail, the French martini). Get it here.

These earrings.

I love the asymmetrical earring trend and especially these moon and Saturn beauties. They're super sparkly and not too heavy on your ears. Get them here.

These booties.

I can't get over how perfect these constellation booties are! If you check out these Gazer boots, take a look around at their other shoes too, they're beautiful (hello red lightening bolt boots!). Get them here.