My Favorite Things to Snail Mail

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

If you know me personally, I've probably mailed you a piñata or potato. I spend an irresponsible amount of time seeking new strange things to send my loved ones.

Fun things to mail people

When my sister and brother-in-law moved to Germany, I set out on a mission to find the weirdest things I could possibly mail them. Through my searches, I accidentally found some thoughtful things, too. Here’s a roundup of my all-time favorite ways to tell someone I'm thinking of them through the mail:

SCHEDUABLE GREETING CARDS: Postable is an online greeting card service that prints, addresses, stamps, and mails cards for you. Just type your message, enter the address, and pay for the card and stamp. Voilà.

Here are a few of my favorite cards on Postable right now:

Postable also has a handy scheduling feature that makes sure you don't miss an important event. Or, in the case of my sister in Germany, allowed me to send her two cards a month for two years like clockwork. Visit Postable SUCCULENT GIFT BOXES: These precious little succulent gift boxes from Lula's Garden are perfect for so many different occasions and are presented beautifully. These are my go-tos for house warming and sympathy mailings.

You can choose a few different sizes, plant types and packaging designs. A few of the plant options are only available for delivery in the LA area, but there are still some adorable nation-wide options.

Prices range from $25 up to $125 based on how many plants you send. They're thoughtfully packaged and every one I've ever sent has arrived safe, sound, and happy to its new home.

Check out Lula's Garden.

PINATAGRAMS: Piñatagrams are literally perfect. For everyone. For every occasion. In fact, if you haven’t received a Piñatagram from me, we’re probably not friends.

These little candy-filled joys are mailed naked — no box or packaging around them. So, everyone who is part of the mail delivery process gets a smile out of your Piñatagram before it even reaches the lucky recipient.

Here’s the one that made the voyage over to my sister and brother-in-law in Germany. There’s something so endearing about imagining this little guy making a voyage across the world (and surviving customs!).

Each Piñatagram costs $19.99 + shipping and international shipping is available.

Visit Piñatagrams

Fair warning: sending Piñatagrams is addicting. I had to add a Piñatagram line item to my budget to keep it under control.


Because, why not?

These always get the best reactions from their recipients — normally mild amusement and extreme confusion. Just make sure the pictures you choose to have printed on the marshmallows aren't too dark; lighter images work much better.

Bonus: I heard they're delicious.

Check out boomf's customizable marshmallows.