My Favorite Café and Place to Work Remotely in Detroit

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

I love the vibe of a city space full of creative, focused professionals getting caffeinated and getting sh*t done. Here is my favorite remote working spot in Detroit.

The main things I look for in a coffee shop office: first and foremost, it has to have great coffee. Then, it needs to be creatively inspiring and sunny. New Order Coffee Roasters is all these things and more.

New Order is: 1. Serious about coffee. 2. Seriously beautiful.

When you walk in the door, you're greeted with sunlight, happy colors, and beautiful design (Unsold Studio did amazing work!). And, bonus! The shelf next to the counter is full of beautiful coffee accoutrements and even some treasures.

Then, comes the coffee. New Order does custom roasting, meaning they'll roast beans specifically for your cup of coffee or help you perfect a custom roast to bring home. I learned all about the roasting process in one of their free Roasting 101 classes. I admittedly knew nothing about coffee except that it helps me get shit done and I like it strong. This class taught me so much about the entire process of growing, farming and roasting coffee. It was amazing how coffee from the same bean tasted so different when roasted at different levels.

Beautiful branded swag from the Roasting 101 class. Have you ever seen a happier teal?

Once I grab my coffee, I try to snag a spot on the sunny patio. Or, if I need to plug in, I'll settle into one of the booth spots at the back of the café. Pro tip: The teal and orange-adorned wall behind the booths makes an awesome video call background!

Picked up some precious cargo.

New Order has been a bright, welcome addition to Detroit's café scene. It's my favorite office in the city and has fueled great creative work and more than a few friend reunion life chats in the last year.

See you there!