Gift Guide for Designy Cat People

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

I love my cat, but I hate typical cat "stuff": like those beige towers covered in lumpy fabric and plastic cat-jail carriers. But I'm not a total monster — Jean-Luc and I have found compromise between his need for comfort and play, and my need for my life not to be filled with ugly things.

Here are a few ways I've found to indulge my catladyness™ without sacrificing aesthetic.

At least your cat will look cool wailing from inside this bag. This bag makes trips to the vet much more enjoyable — for humans and cats. For my cat, the roomy interior and ability to see outside in all directions seems calming and intriguing. I love being able to carry him on my back and be handsfree when doing paperwork at the vet. I also don't want to overlook the important aspect of making my cat look like he's in a space ship! Find the carrier here.

For the cat with a modernist statement to make. I love everything Tuft + Paw creates, especially this bed! Their cat furniture is well-made and [seems?] comfortable while still being chic and modern. Check out this cat bed, tower and so many other beautiful, modern cat accessories.

Your cat loves Taco Tuesday, too.

One of my favorite shops in Detroit just shared these organic catnip filled felt cat toy tacos — available in store at POST in Detroit (along with so many other great gifts! Seriously, go to POST).

I had a moment of clarity when ironing this tent for my cat.

With the addition of catnip and treats to the inside of this tent, my cat mildly tolerates its existence. Check it out.

Trick your cat into thinking he's doing his life's work of distracting you. This laptop cat scratcher comes in handy as a decoy when your cat wants to sprawl out on your actual laptop. Here!

This towel is an important addition to your kitchen. True for the cat, true for the human. Find it here.

If you and your cat are super extra, so is this scratcher. This [way overpriced] cat scratcher is the next best thing to experiencing the actual horror of a cat destroying the Mona Lisa. Check it out here.

Happy holidays!


Rachel + Jean-Luc