Beautiful Productivity Tools

I love productivity tools and am guilty of the very un-productive habit of trying a new one every couple weeks. There are a few that I always return to, though. And they have one thing in common: they're all beautiful. Sticking to a to-do list is so much easier when it becomes a beautiful part of my day. Here are the beautiful tools that have kept me productive for years:

TeuxDeux TeuxDeux is a stunning to-do list tool for mobile and desktop. It's a Tina Roth-Eisenberg creation so, of course, it's magnificent (you might know Tina from Tattly, Creative Mornings, or Swiss-Miss).

TeuxDeux is simple and beautiful. Your view contains daily to-do lists along the top, and topic-specific to-do lists along the bottom. You cross off tasks with a click and watch as a rainbow cat flies across your screen when you do(!!!!!). Anything you don't complete that day automatically moves to the next day's list. The topic-specific lists stay where they are until you complete them.

I usually find myself using TeuxDeux on desktop, but the mobile app is beautiful, too. And, most importantly, it also includes the celebratory flying cat!

Noisli On the surface, Noisli is a design-y white noise generator with lots of options for cool, customized sound combinations (think: riding a train through the wilderness while it's gently raining outside).

But, my favorite part is a little hidden: Noisli has a built-in plaintext editor that I use for note taking and copywriting. It has a soothing background color spectrum that slowly morphs from one color to another, simultaneously calming you and keeping you focused.


I meditate regularly and use the Headspace app to guide me. The app is playful, beautiful, and makes meditation approachable.

While I believe that meditation improves my overall productivity, I can get even more specific: Headspace released a series of guided meditations all around productivity. Visit the Packs section and scroll down to "Work & Performance." This 10-session pack helps you practice applying sustained attention with clear intention.

Now Do This: The beauty in this to-do list is its simplicity. You type your list into a box, then it shows your tasks one at a time. I tend to go overboard with multitasking when I'm stressed, so this is my go-to when I need help slowing down and doing one thing at a time.

Type in your to-do list:

Now Do This returns your tasks to you one at a time:

Any beautiful productivity tools I missed? What helps you do your best work?