10 Beautiful Internet Finds This Month

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

My favorite form of mindfulness is to take a moment to ask myself, "what around me is beautiful right now?" Sometimes, what's around me is the internet. Here are a few beautiful things I've seen online recently.

1. These geometric doodles:

See more soothing doodles by Albert Chamillard.

2. This food truck bird feeder:

Buy it or gift it from Amazon.

3. This happy balloon cloud composition:

See more of these stunning images by Charles Pétillon.

4. This perfect ombre leaf wall:

Via the wonderful Amanda Kmetz on Instagram.

5. This autumnal Michigan sky:

Featuring Cheddar, Amanda Carnagie's Internet famous cat. P.S. This is in Amanda's backyard.

6. This glowing tree in Montréal: Carefully arranged fall leaves make this tree "glow."

By Andy Goldsworthy via @MTLBlog on Instagram

7. This piece of Captain Picard wisdom:

From my all-time favorite Twitter account.

8. This eerie-but-beautiful photo series: Photographer Al Mefer shifts the hues of tropical plants to create stunning images like this one.

See more photos from the series here.

9. This dreamy dinner party setup:

Via Pamela Moell on Instagram featuring the new collection from La Tavola Linen.

10. These resilience cards from the School of Life:

Check them out here.