Website Copywriting

Shortform copywriting for branding, web, in-app copy, and email marketing.

I believe the most successful copy is buzzword-free, friendly, and focuses on your customer's needs - not on what you offer. I help brands step outside of their industry terminology, humanize their brand voice, and convert web traffic by addressing customer challenges.

Leadership Coaching Website Copy

Jackie Simon is a Certified Coach with a profound understanding of the challenges leaders and job seekers face. In writing the copy for her new website, I helped her turn that understanding into a way for website visitors to quickly identify whether or not they're the right fit for coaching. The copy calls out the specific challenges of her customer segments then demonstrates how she solves those challenges. While many coaching websites focus on the coach first, Jackie's website highlights her empathic and strategic coaching style.

To see my branding, copywriting, and web design work in action, visit:

jackie copy 1-07.png

Business Community Homepage Copy

A business community for purpose-driven leaders, the Small Giants Community needed brand messaging that quickly told website visitors what the community does and how to get involved. I led multiple working sessions to tap into their deep understanding of their customer and shift the perspective of their website copy to be in the voice of their customer. Their homepage shifted from "here's what we do" to "we understand these challenges you have, here's how we help you solve them." 

After redesigning and rewriting the homepage copy, organic traffic increased by 37%. 

sgc homepage 2-07.png
sgc homepage 1-07.png